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A guerra no Pacífico

maio 13, 2010

Captured: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in WWII

Japanese victims wait to receive first aid in the southern part of Hiroshima, Japan, a few hours after the U.S. atomic bomb exploded in the heart of the city. The explosion of the first A-bomb, known as “Little Boy,” instantly killed 66,000 people and injured another 69,000 people.

Aug. 6, 1945. © AP

The bodies of three American soldiers, fallen in the battle for Buna and Gona, lie on the beach of the island in the Papua New Guinea region during World War II.

February 1943. © George Strock/Time&Life Pictures/Getty Images

“La imagen prohibida de Irak”

Foto 7…

Buna Beach, Three American Soldiers Ambushed on, February 1943. Taken by Life photographer George Strock (1911-77) after a landing in New Guinea, the picture shows a wrecked landing craft and three dead soldiers, the foreground figure already attacked by maggots. Censorship prevented its publication until 20 September. Although the men were not identifiable, they were the first undraped and uncoffined dead Americans to appear in Life during the Second World War, and the pictures breached an important taboo. The same month, dozens of other gruesome casualty photographs were released, following fears on the part of the US Office of War Information and President Roosevelt that Americans were becoming complacent about the war. Both Strock’s picture and some of these were subsequently used to promote war bond sales, apparently to good effect.

Paulo Amorim também viu o Captured.

PS: O Captured credita a foto como AP e data janeiro de 1943.
O NYT credita “George Strock/Time&Life Pictures/Getty Images” e data fevereiro de 1943.

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