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A Flotilha da Liberdade e a guerra da informação

junho 4, 2010

A inocente “Flotilha da Liberdade”
Segundo um paper do Instituto Dinamarquês para Estudos Internacionais, a IHH é apenas fachada de apoio a grupos terroristas. A pesquisa é de 2006 – portanto, não pode ser desacreditada como “contrapropaganda sionista”, ou alguma bobagem do gênero, já que, naquela época, a IHH era obscura demais para que a mídia se ocupasse dela.

How Israeli hasbara works
In the days before the flotilla’s last journey towards Gaza, blogs such as this one were targeted by a message saying that the IHH, the Turkish humanitarian organization that owned the largest boat raided today, had links to al-Qaeda. Considering that IHH is legally recognized everywhere except the UN, engages in humanitarian actions with many other organizations and has consultative status with the UN, I am skeptical. IHH does seem supportive of Gazans and Hamas, but that’s no crime and it’s certainly not “fundraising for al-Qaeda.”
Needless to say, Kohlmann is one of those ubiquitous instant experts on terrorism who does not speak a word of Arabic. His work has never peer-reviewed, and there are various problems with his research and testimony in US courts that has been tracked by

Evan Kohlmann
Political views
Despite his connections to the American right, Kohlmann claims to have liberal views. When the Guardian published an article on Kohlmann, based on Spinprofile’s research, suggesting he was ‘associated with rightwing or pro-Zionist organisation’, [12] Kohlmann emailed the Guardian stating that he regarded the statements about his work ‘potentially libelous’. [13] Kohlmann wrote:
I am also described by Mr. Miller and your columnist as being the product of some kind of “right wing neocon” cabal. This is really quite comical. Anyone who does a simple Internet search will discover that I am, in fact, a harsh critic of the Bush administration, I was a loud opponent of the U.S. invasion of Iraq from the start, and I’m personally a Barack Obama supporter. How exactly does that add up to “right wing”?[14]
Kohlmann also claimed in a seperate email to be a supporter of Palestinian statehood. [15] His supposed opposition to the Bush administration, if true, would be no surprise since his mentor Richard Clarke has been overtly critical of Bush. Research revealed no evidence of Kohlmann ever having supported Palestinian rights or opposed the occupation of Iraq.

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