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A história que conta Paul McDonough

novembro 12, 2010

Timeless Stories in 1970s New York
Paul McDonough’s “New York City, 1973-1978” summons all these memories instantly for anyone old enough to recall when city buses were green. But the pictures are really not about memory.
They are, instead, timeless narratives, perfectly current in their story line. They’re suffused with detail and a lot of wit. And they repay close examination. (Take another look at Slide 8 — you may have missed the baby the first time.) So it’s a special pleasure to find them as 16-by-20-inch prints at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in Chelsea. The prints were made by Mr. McDonough, a friend and associate of Tod Papageorge and Garry Winogrand, who is now 69 and living in Brooklyn.

Via @nytimesphoto

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