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“Mint”, o blog chic da Laurinha

novembro 29, 2010

The return of the anti-fashion era

Things started to change when famous figures affected by it, like Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix died. Films such as The Basketball Diaries, Trainspotting, and Pulp Fiction explored heroin use as well. Italian fashion photographer, Davide Sorrenti, brother of famous fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti died from an overdose. His photographs were accused of glamorizing heroin use. After his death, former U.S. President Bill Clinton gave a declaration, blaming heroin chic fashion photography for glamorizing the drug. He said: ¨You do not need to glamorize addiction to sell clothes…the glorification of heroin, is not creative. It’s destructive. It’s not beautiful. It is ugly.¨
In the late 90′s Gisele Bündchen was credited with ending the heroin chic era of models. Now, she is the world’s highest paid model. Unfortunately, the fashion industry still prefers girls who are too thin and healthier looks are not the standard.

PS: Mint is here. I´ve created this blog for my Fashion Journalism class. Mint will be the online diary of my life in Barcelona, ranging from school work to my personal adventures. Hope you enjoy the ride…

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