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Histórias de fotógrafos

dezembro 10, 2010

On Page 1 by Breaking the Rules

Our assignment on Aug. 13, 1969, was to cover the ticker-tape parade for the Apollo 11 astronauts — Col. Michael Collins, Col. Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. and Neil A. Armstrong — who had returned from their pioneering trip to the Moon.
Imagine my excitement. There were to be two photo trucks in the parade, traveling the route up Lower Broadway to City Hall. From The Times, there was a young rookie (me) on one truck, and a grizzled pro, Patrick A. Burns, on the other. Our instruction from parade officials was simple: Don’t get off the truck.

Now, see those two mugs conspiring at the bottom left of Pat’s photo? Those were Mayor John V. Lindsay’s security boys. And, as you can see, they were not happy. Not happy at all. In a flash, they gave Pat the bum’s rush, forcing him back onto the truck with a harsh warning. Pat didn’t care. He’d already gotten what he wanted.

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